How i find the driver at the airport?

The first thing you need to know is that, at the Cancún airport are 4 different terminals, and you will arrive in one of them depending the airline. That’s why is so important for us to have your flight number and ailrine, and the one of your friends, in case you come with a group, we need to confirm that all will arrive in the same terminal. If you are not in the same terminal with your friends you will need aditional info.

The number of terminal and meeting point, where you will meet your driver, you can find it at your booking confirmation.

In each terminal is a different meeting point, so we will show you each one, so you will find it easily.

Terminal 3 "Margarita Ville"

Terminal 4 " Welcome Bar"

Terminal 2 " Welcome Bar"

Terminal 2 International " Welcome Bar"

The day of your arriving we will send the driver information, so you will recognize him easily. 

But there are soime things we need you do before the meeting. 

It’s very important that you make sure you go out through the hotel shuttle door and NOT through that friends and family door. Since, if you leave through the last one, you will not be able to find the driver and you will have to ask to be allowed back to exit through the correct door, which by airport rules, is not always so straightforward.


Hotel Shuttle Gate

We know that sometimes the process inside the airport is a bit slow, that is why we greatly appreciate that you try to have as much contact as possible with us at all the time, since the driver will be waiting for the instructions to be able to enter the terminal for you. Drivers cannot stay in the pick-up area for long time, so we appreciate very much if they let us know when you are waiting for your luggage and then he will enter to find you, this is very important since sometimes there is a line to access the terminals, then we will have time to enter without problem. He will wait for you in the area assigned with a sign like this one.

Unfortunately, sometimes mishaps happen that can delay your driver (traffic, road accidents, etc.). In case you arrive at the meeting point and the driver is not there, please don’t move from the assigned place, let us know and wait for our instructions, because if you move from the meeting point it may be much more difficult for the driver to find you.